Professional Portraits of Your Beloved Pets and Family


My name is Jessica Cavanaugh and I am a professional realism portrait artist

I challenge traditional portraiture ideas to best represent those who impact our lives. 

Give me a photograph and soon you’ll have a beautiful original work of art!

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Treasure the Memories of Those You Love

Custom portraits are a beautiful and expressive way to preserve a moment.

I create portrait art from pictures that you will cherish for many years to come.

I use paint, colored pencil, and charcoal to capture personality and emotion in a way that photos can’t.

They make a wonderful keepsake for yourself or a thoughtful gift for someone else.


“I cannot express enough how happy I was to receive this beautiful portrait of our girl, Pepper. Jessi was able to capture her so perfectly, it really brought tears to my eyes! I’m so thankful for this!” -Denise

“The exquisite detail and intuitive use of color, combined with the depth and dimension in every feature…combine to create a truly mesmerizing likeness that radiates light and love.” -Hillary

Art and the Human Experience:
My Original Artwork

I use art as a tool to learn more about myself and to better understand the human experience as a whole. 

My original artwork is inspired by my unique struggles and achievements in life.

While most of my work heavily involves realism,
I also integrate texture and abstraction to communicate emotions I could not otherwise convey.

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